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March 8, 2004
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The Elitist by nyctopterus The Elitist by nyctopterus
He thinks he's better than you. Who are you to disagree?


Illustrator 10
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Cheif117m Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2007
Lovely. <3
natanmoura Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2006
white pimp.
norbi Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2005
..I'll put him into Photoshop & rip his head off.. - just kidding :)
Great idea & great work on it. - i love his facial expression & the thin lines which makes it so different - +fav
serdarot Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2004

Great work, man. :) The background patterns are just perfection.
Karbon-X Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2004
i feel like beating the crap out of his arrogant face...
nice job, i suppose..;)
bibble Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2004  Professional General Artist
yeah i knew a lot of people like this back in my days at music conservatory. funny thing is they all have big holes in their foreheads like that. ;)
nyctopterus Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2004
Haha, I was sitting in a philosophy lecture when I drew it. Stuff spirals in, I feel big and clever.
alexs-art Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2004  Student General Artist
beautiful work
Dugm2 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2004
What can I say that hasn't been said.....
inziladun Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2004   Writer
This is so perfectly your style, I could have guessed it was yours without your nick beside it! :) This style is so minimalistic and clean, it's as though you drew it pixel by pixel and then minimized it 100000 times. :D
I love the work itself too, it has such an asbtract but still clearly defined atmosphere. The former is created by this interestingly sci-fi-looking symbolistic style, and the latter by all the depicted upper-class elements. I love how you've portrayed this guy, it is clear that he is one of those upper-class nouveau riche pricks whose money has gone to his head and made it expand noticably.. This effect is brought out really well because you use such stereotypical and old-school elements of the upper class: the cane, the tuxedo and tails, the high collar, the perfectly straight and clean outlook.. The only thing I notice is missing is the top hat, which is probably the most obvious symbol of the sort of uppity richness you wanted to portray here, and first I got to thinking that it looks a bit bare without it, but I see now that it actually looks really stylish even without it; and in fact the absence of the top hat indicates that the time or era this picture is supposedly set in is not in the past but somewhere in the undefined future. The overall mechanical, in fact robotic look of this person, and the strange hole in the centre of his forehead suggest some sort of mechanism or automation. Now, I'm not sure how much symbolism you actually intended in this pic, although I'm guessing you intended none at all; but the way I see it, the fact that this person has a hole in his head instead of a hat on it represents the fact that power and riches can and will eventually corrupt the mind with all the numbing luxuries, leaving an empty shell of a mind cushioned by this materia and devoid (hence the black-hole looking circle in his forehead) of any truly significant thought. I'm not saying this is always the case, but this is the sort of theme that I could imagine being linked to this imagery. :)
The best element here though, I think, in terms of raising emotion or thought, is his eyes. The way they are so narrow and condescending (condescension is formed in context of his disapproving mouth) definitely echo the idea of pompousness or holier-than-thou attitude one could easily imagine this character having. Really a half-humorous piece, this, and very visually appealing because of the minimalistic lineart and colouring. :nod:

Excellent job; althuogh I don't think this guy wuold agree. :D :clap:
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