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Pyropteryx by nyctopterus Pyropteryx by nyctopterus
What if AutomaticAlabatross and JetpackDragonfly had a baby? Well...

[EDIT, 17th November, 2006 - Pretty thorough reworking to fix most of things I've never liked about this image. The original can be seen here => [link] . I've also Changed the name from ConflagratingChimera to Pyropteryx like I intended to years ago.]

Another 10-hour marathon wing-detailing session in Illustrator 10
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xibalba Featured By Owner May 7, 2010
awesome skills & imagination :)
emeseszorenyi Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
shabado7711 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2008  Hobbyist Artist
oh wow
x-nom Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2008
amazing picture
The1Blur Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
COOL NESS!! lol fav
Myssynen Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2006
Absolutely brilliant :)
likewoahitsmoe Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2006
Absolutely fabulous.
pearwood Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
The fire-breathing techodragon.
I like it.
m00n-dust Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2005
your painting and drawing skills are really amazing. Indeed, you are one of the best artists I've seen on dA!
you are on my friends list now. :D
elphabawicked1982 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2004
Love the wings! How long does it take you to do this kind of stuff?!
can Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2004
offf... supper work !!!
DivineError Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2004
oh man, you really have a way with curves and lines. your artistic mastery shows in every peice you make. this is just plain beautiful
tamurai Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2004  Professional Photographer
I really enjoyed looking at your gallery. It was hard for me to choose where I wanted to comment. I really like your work it is vry clean and flawless. (or least if there are any only you can see them.) I think that you have total potential to go far with what you do. Butterflies, dragonflies, and fairies are all my thing. I love the colors of this one. This Butterfly is the turbo flutterbutter:D Keep up the awesome work.

bigua Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2004  Professional General Artist
it rocks!!!!!! cool pice!
bucky Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2004
editdsn Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004
holy SHIIIIIIIIIIT, i love it. damn you got the skillz. well done :clap:
kouqa Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2004
Damn, you're gonna kill yourself with all that detail, but we love it anyways. It's great. And I knew you HAD to show the detail with all that time you put into it. It looks realistic, but not too realistic, since you don't want vector to look real, a good mix... Okay, I'll shut up now.
Anyways, it's great. Very nice. If I had money and a credit card I'd buy it... If I can convince some one with a credit card to buy it for me... you'll see my few dollars sent to you in a little while. ^.^
Mollyevers Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey how did u make the wings for this? they really look like wings!!
nyctopterus Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2004
JetpackDragonfly gave me a bit of practice, then I just... drew them. I don't have any tricks.
sus-moustash Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2003
HaHa!! Indeed!!
Wat a dragon it is!!

Love the fact you mix your own works..
melolonta Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
cleavage Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2003
im in love .. this is amazing
booradley Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2003
nice work indeed. i do agree that the typography is somewhat obtrusive, perhaps better left absent or tucked in the lower right. excellent color choices though, love your gradient work on the figures. usually i'm adverse to using a gradient as the only ingredient for the ground space, but the fact that you made it radial rather than linear was a wise choice. and i'm a bit bothered by how the tail leaves the frame. perhaps letting it end earlier or having it leave at an angle so that it does not seem so parallel to the flames would be better. i know this sounds like nitpicking but i think constructive criticisms are better than repetitive praise.
nyctopterus Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2006
Hey, two years later and I've taken your criticism on board! Well done me...
nyctopterus Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2003
Damnit, I like the writing!

Thanks for the criticism (I'll probably actually do something about the typography this time). The tail is deliberate - having it leave the frame at the same angle as the fire gives it a sense of motion.
luiscds Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2003
What a great idea!
The flame was so well done!
It's a great work :nod:
nyctopterus Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2003
Thanks, but you know, I'm not really the sort that draws dragons. I'm really not.
MattMart Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
REALLY freaking cool!
Phektion Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
one of the bets vector pics i ever see for me, great!
socalstyle67 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2003
Awesome design:D Love the detail in the wings:thumbsup:
Outlier Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2003
Nice. So now seems that nearly everyone's doing dragons.
nyctopterus Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2003
I've shown you my dragon, now you show me yours.

Um, ew, shut up Johnny.
eorhythm Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
'This very pretty. I like how you do the flames coming from the mouth. As usual the wings are lovely but they're a bit too butterfly - in their shape - for me (I have to stare at butterflies all day, that might be why)
By the way, mine isn't really a dragon at all. It's just the buzz term I use so everyone goes "ooooh, dragon, I love dragons!!!1111" Works everytime. ;)

...damn Aussie.

Outlier Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2003
Actually I think you'll find the front wings here are more like the hind wings of e beetle (which have a hingey bit halfway along the front edge to allow them to fold under the elytra - that is the hard shell like forwings...and no I'm not a nerdy entomologist otherwise I'd know the word for "hingey bit";).
Outlier Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2003
Dang, look at dem typos!
dustdevil Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2003  Professional General Artist
As usual, excellent. Well done dundee.
Urus-28 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great style, great idea, this remind me my terminator dragon in some ways ;) The frame burst is very good too :) I just regret the horizontal framing, i would prefer a vertical one :)
nyctopterus Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2003
Thanks. Originally this was vertically framed, but it just wasn't working, so I changed it. Actually, square would have been been best, but it is intended for a print, so I had to use this aspect ratio.
trendwhoreuk Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2003   Interface Designer
excellent work. actually, astounding is probably the best word. the typography lets it down i think, but that's nitpicking.

i'd definitely buy a print of this (if you removed the writing).

be very proud :D
nyctopterus Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2003
Thanks, I'll consider changing he writing - or removing it (though it looked a little bare without it).
under18carbon Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2003
Amazing stuff, I dig the wings and the colours are very nice. :+fav:
znurbz Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2003   Photographer
Very nice design. Great job :clap:
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